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Meetings: Once a month at 8am

Where:  Walkersville Library

2023 Officers

President:                                                   Alan Rugh

Vice President:                                          Bob Sussman

Treasurer:                                                   Yvonne Reeder


WBPA Information & Contributions

The Walkersville Business and Professional Association (WBPA) is an organization based in Walkersville, Maryland and our main function is to promote local businesses and professionals.

We strive to help all our members drive customers to their businesses through networking, advertising, social media and word of mouth. Our members hold the highest regards in business standards and are very welcoming to new members who want to join.

In addition, the Association helps promote:

The Peg & Orely Bourland Educational Assistance Fund

The scholarship is to provide financially need-based funds for post secondary education in trade, vocational, or technical fields to help defray the cost associated with tuition, fees, testing, tutoring, trade tools and supplies, etc.

The award is given to those pursuing vocational, technical, and skilled trade fields (not 4 year degrees).

• Must be resident of Walkersville feeder school area

• Must describe their financial need, career goals and specify how the funds will be used

• Must be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary educational program